do you ever feel like you're on the edge?
like everything could change in a heartbeat
and the world will never be the same?
i feel it--
that intuition that this isn't it.
the road i'm on will not be my path for long or forever.
i feel so very... temporary.
there's something more;
i just can't see it yet.
the change will come one day, maybe soon.
either the world will change or i will.
and if i change, i might just change the world.
i am almost becoming who i am,
who He's made me to be.
i've been cracked.
i've been broken.
i've been shaken to the core.
but i'm not free yet.
one of these days, i'll flap my wings.
i feel closest to it
when i sing,
when i write,
when i stare at the sky,
or look in her eyes.
and i know He's there.
and i know there's a reason.
though i may never have the words,
i know there's a reason.
each heartbeat is for more than the next.
life's more than just living.
else why is there Love?

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