the worst of silence

as ever, her silence speaks to me in soft and painful whispers, saying all i wish i didn't hear, ever gnawing upon the edges of my soul. oh, for apathy! to shed the very burden of care and be free! but is this not the most fearsome risk of love? not hate nor rejection in turn, but rather, to be ignored by one pervading your daily thoughts? the distance from hate to love was ne'er so far as that from either to nothing! to think how it must pain God that we, His beloved creation, so oft choose to live not even in open rebellion, but as though He did not even exist! is there any rebellion more subtle and insidious? any rejection more cruel and utter? to deny the very being of He who created us, loves us and gives us all is surely an odious sin! do not, then, wonder that God should send such men out of His presence into eternal hell. indeed, is that not where they have sought to be?

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