short but tall

there's a weariness in my soul.
it draws my head down and tugs at my eyelids.
the cares of this world.
my cross.
hardly a cross by many measures,
but the only one i've known.
still it won't break me.
it can't.
and that by no strength of mine.
there is steel in me yet not me.
it is a wondrous thing.
to know He's there.
to feel Him.
there's a laughter there.
at the end of me i find a strange laughter in my chest.
it is good.
have you ever stood at the edge of a high cliff,
looked down,
and realized the immensity of the ground beneath your feet?
the unmoving strength of stone and earth that holds you so high?
stand there.
rest on that foundation.
enjoy the view.
and laugh.
like a child on daddy's shoulders.
short but tall.
weak but strong.
the weight's not yours to bear alone.

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