i know light for i have seen the darkness.
but good does not owe its existence to evil.
nor are they equals in delicate balance.
evil only feigns to have such power and prominence.
in truth, the light would be light still, were there no dark.
but all dark would be nothing were there no light.
evil is defined only in contrast to good.
evil is good defied,
an utter lack,
a sucking, blinding, chilling emptiness,
a vacuum of spirit and life,
tragically embraced by devil and demon and many a man.
for lucifer sought to be beautiful beyond beauty Himself,
to have power beyond the Source of all power,
but beyond Him, there is nothing.
and the fallen one embraces that nothing still.
a finite death vainly striving to o'erwhelm eternal beginning.
but good is something tangible and true.
beautiful before there was ugly.
wonderful before there was dull.
honest before there was a lie.
and the light of its qualities shines out,
now even brighter and richer and deeper since the darkness came.
and i, born here in murky twilight,
have seen the dark before my eyes
and felt the pull of evil in my own heart,
yet i choose to embrace the light,
for the light is not drowned out by darkness,
it is proclaimed by it!

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