i have a daughter now.
two months old tomorrow.
i didn't realize what an identity shift it is to become a parent.
why do the most significant parts of reality feel so surreal?
how can it be that this small person smiles so big when she sees me in the morning?
how can she be part me and part my wife?
never, never doubt the bond created by sex.
whether or not it does each time,
the mere fact that it tends to create a new person
who is part you and part your lover
is enough to prove it.
no, not even that it tends to do so,
but merely that it can.
that alone is enough to prove the dramatic significance and power of sexual union.
it is holy.
the very power of God.
the God who gives both life and meaning to flesh.
i thought i held sexuality in high esteem before Adelle was born,
but now...
consider me awestruck.

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