as this is where i am moving my words, i am continuing to add old and odd writings to this blog. as such, i think it is good to repeat the disclaimer...

take care what conclusions you draw from these words.
the danger of words is sometimes we don't know what they really mean.
context is useful.
so here's a little of mine.
i write when i'm thoughtful.
i'm more often thoughtful when down.
i write emotions no less than beliefs.
these are only rarely careful articulations of my mind.
i reserve the right to disagree with myself.
people change.
but i'm trying not to revise the past.
so these are a piece of my yesterday.
think what you will.
say what you think.

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Unknown said...

I should probably add that if you aren't seeing the old writings go up, that's because i've been setting the dates to match the original composition. If you read the Atom or RSS feeds, i believe they show up there. If you just visit the site, you'll have to go looking for them in past months/years.

Oh, and i'm just adding them as i feel like it, not in any particular order.