A question...

I do not know who i am asking this or why,
but here it is...

Are you a pastor, a minister, or a preacher?
Are you a shepherd, a servant, or a teacher?
Do you teach with your feet, your hands, or your mind?
Are you a guardian, a lover, or a mentor?
Are you a king, a priest, or a prophet?

This is just one question and an honest one.
I doubt you can or should be only one of the three,
but i suspect one must be in the forefront.

Perhaps i'm meant to answer this myself.


Ben Sternke said...

Interesting questions! I find myself resonating most with the very last option in each case (if I had to pick just one). Preacher, teacher, mind, mentor, prophet... Really interesting distinctions.

Colin A. Lamm said...

Perhaps not exactly what you were questioning, and definitely not covering all the categories you mentioned, but here is my response as I have reflected over the weeks on what you have written:

a preacher I once thought I was
a teacher 'til I saw my flaws
a prophet had some sex appeal
a mentor, a contemp'ry feel
a king I once aspired to be
of course, in all humility
a priest, so men could genuflect
and give to me my due respect
a servant's role was last of all
how could I play a part so small?
how could I live a life complete
while sitting at another's feet