the economy of God

it's been suggested that a pre-millenialist Christian has little cause to be an environmentalist,
for such believe that this world will pass away.
therefore, to care for it is like polishing the brass on a sinking ship!
to the latter, i agree. to the former, i do not.
yes, God gave us dominion over the earth and its creatures.
to put it otherwise, humans are the rightful rulers over the earth and its creatures.
granted, our rule has been sullied and in-part usurped by Satan.
but we have much authority and great influence nonetheless.
this means we have responsibility.
no divine authority is given without responsibility.
capricious and selfish use of power is never divine, never righteous.
love is the rule.
and love is service and sacrifice; it is mercy and justice.
to rule with love is as much about the means as the ends, neither is trump.
even if we perfectly know all ends,
when we govern by them alone,
then justice inevitably slips into expediency
and sacrifice and mercy are twisted into potent guilt trips.
it is little better to govern by means alone,
for mercy too easily becomes a right and service a shallow duty;
justice is then a gamble at best.

i say again,
true rule is rooted in and led by love.
and love is service and sacrifice; it is mercy and justice.
if we are to rule this earth as it was given to us to do,
we must care for it and its creatures.
if we love the Creator,
how dare we treat His creation as a disposable commodity!
remember, not one sparrow falls to the ground without His knowing it.
so should you have use for a sparrow,
be sure that your use of it honors He who made it and watches over it.
so too with every rock and twig.
your power over them was not given for greedy consumption or reckless destruction.

so then, what does it matter if the ship is sinking?
so long as it has not sunk and care for it is our domain,
i will polish the brass on it.
do we not even tend to our dying loved ones?
some call it foolish to give oneself to lost causes or stand firm in hopeless situations.
but if the cause is just and we stand on what is true,
we lose nothing and gain much
that those who call themselves wise will never know.

the economy of God is strange to this world.
but it is True.

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