i'm a sucker for the exception.
my mind instinctively rejects or qualifies generalizations which it hears or concieves.
even that one i just made.
a friend recently repeated the claim that "all jokes have a bit of truth in them".
quick as a reflex, i said that wasn't true.
"oh, yeah?" she asked.
knock, knock.
"who's there?"
interrupting cow.
"oh, i hate that one!!"
everyone laughed.
she didn't even let me finish the joke.
but my point was made.
the funny thing is how my part in the whole dialogue was not forethought.
i disagreed before i consciously had the interrupting cow joke in mind.
but as soon as i need the example,
there it was.
no pondering required.
it's like a subconscious reflex.
one that has annoyed some past roommates and friends.
it annoys me sometimes too.
it's handy sometimes,
but i'm not thrilled that my first instinct is always to correct/challenge people.
generalizations, broad characterizations, and platitudes all have their proper place and use.
i needn't poke at every pigeon-hole.

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