well it's 8:10 on a tuesday night
and i'm rummaging thru the pieces of my life
i'm looking for direction
or an answer to the questions on my mind

lord, i don't know where i'm going
i can't see where you're taking me this time
but you said that if i seek you
then i will surely find out in due time

so i will seek you fervently
i'll forsake this world for eternal things
in you i find myself complete
so i seek you... fervently

so now it's 9 o'clock on tuesday
and still i'm feeling mostly undefined
i've heard the voices on the tv
say the answer is in me, myself, and i

but i know that there is more than this
this flesh and bone, this life i live
in you alone, i find my place
i'm not my own, i live only by grace

fervently, fervently, fervently, seeking after thee

and i know that when i seek you
i will surely find you
because you're seeking after me...
fervently, fervently, you're seeking after me


praying to be silent

would that i could remain silent in my prayers.
so often (always?), i am speaking or thinking.
i don't know how to be quiet--
how to listen and let God speak.
i fear that i will never learn.
as nature abhors a vacuum,
so my mind abhors silence.
and i'm not sure why.
so i listen little and talk much.
and ever do i pray for God to speak--
to just butt in and interrupt my reckless train of thought.
it would not be rude, but merciful.
my ever-wandering mind is oft a burden on my heart,
and it starves my soul for silence.
even to concentrate on but one little thing is a bear,
for either sleep comes rushing in
or else my restless mind continually strays to other worlds.
idle thoughts are no less troublesome than idle hands.
indeed, they are often more so.