risk required

if i took a step toward that
i would have to be a brave man
real life doesn't come that easy
if i left behind a fear like this
i believe i'd be a glad man
but would they look at me the same

stepping out on that limb
is not just going to happen
risk is always required

safety is not security
surviving is not reviving
when your soul is slowly dying

requires risk to love for real
requires faith to get something better
requires change to beat the weather
whether you like it or not

lay down that fear
relax that grip
empty your hand if you want
to get a new hold on life

hold on to that neighbor
give more to that stranger
even die for your friends
there's still nothing higher

like it or not
there is risk required


the baptist

best man in the true wedding
among men and prophets none greater
John, fulfilled in diminishment
was that what made you greater?
love. for the Son, your cousin
eclipsed disciple's pride
the voice calling in the wilderness
leaps at the Bridegroom's sign
but still not beyond doubting
to ask, "are you the One"?
was that just ignorance speaking?
about how the Groom should be?
or was decreasing harder
than you expected it would be?
but the blind did see
and the lame men walked
so i'm betting joy leapt again inside
despite the death you faced
and the prison you were inside
another womb to exit unto life


on giving

I fear i am too detached from my giving,
for the people i give it to mostly give it away.
What good does that do me?
When i give to those
who give to those
who give to the needy,
am i really giving to the needy?
There's no human face on it.
I never see God do His work with it.
Oh, it's good that i give to those
who give to the needy,
for they do it better than i.
But it means more
when i give to a needy stranger
and look him in the eye.
Or even a needy friend,
if God is the reason why.
If i joyfully, faithfully fund the charities,
that's a good thing to be sure.
But that's not all
that the call to give is for.


i want

i want a new world
i want a new body
with better reasons to sing
i want a pure heart
one that doesn't feel the shame
of the weakness hiding in me

i want the strength to believe
and the vision to see
that i can share in that world
i want the patience to wait
and the mind to conceive
so this hope can overflow me

i want to see you
with my eyes not just my mind
i want to know you
with fingertips that are mine
i want forever
filled with possibilities
i want this tension
to be just a memory

i want you to teach me
how i really ought to be
who it is you're making me.
i want to look up
and love the people that i see
with the things you know they need


one year

one year,
sadness still.
that, too,
is good.

time passed,
laughing girl.
that, too,
is yours.

tears rise
as blood falls.
that, too,
does hurt.

grey skies,
hide sunrise.
that, too,
can heal.

deep vows,
embrace truth.
that, too,
is proof.

love lives,
death is dead.
that, too,
brings peace.