Sylvan's request

"Will you color with me?", asked Sylvan.

"Not right now, I'm going to go do..."

Something important.
I went to do something I needed to do, didn't I?
Oh no.
What a glorious invitation i passed on today.
i could have colored!
i never color anymore.
I saw i wasn't good at coloring, so I stopped.
Growing up is dangerous like that.
It's so easy to forget that playing isn't competing,
so easy to confuse the serious with the important
or the skillful with the valuable.
Sylvan wanted to color while Leo hid in a box
and Violette carefully balanced a pillow on her head.
How silly they are.
How wonderfully, worshipfully, beautifully silly!
But me?
Well, I had to do something important.


the here and now

can you see beyond the here and now?
to worlds a thousand miles away
can your mind conceive what happens there?
your heart feel a stranger's pain?

can you see beyond the here and now
to where eternity awaits
do you mourn as one who has no hope?
where does your treasure lay?

'cause there is life there (out) beyond you
and there is life right where you are
and that tension that can tear you (apart)
is same that makes you whole

can you be right in the here and now?
live life like you could die today
can your eyes perceive the meaning in
the things that you see every day

be where you are
let your eyes see far
don't fear a broken heart

be where you are
let your eyes see far
let love break the calloused heart