the questions

an amateur poet's epistemology
or an amateur epistemologist's poem,
part 1 (i make no promise of further parts)
yeah i know that we don't know
just how much that we don't know
or even why we know
all that we think we know

and it's true that Truth is real
or even nothing can't be true
and you can't question your existence
if there's no such thing as you

still the questions are always bigger
than the answers i can find
so there must be something more
than just me, myself, and i

but if there's more here than just me
that must include what i perceive
for what use is it to doubt
all that i can hear or see?

because the gap between thinking
and living such a thing
would divide me from all of you
that are listening to me

so the questions are still bigger
than the answers we can find
and there must be something more
than just you and i and why
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